Paper Trimmers

+ The arm on my rotary trimmer is hard to lift up?

To assist you in lifting the bar on the paper trimmer, please move the blade carriage to the center of the bar. Take hold of the bar on either side of the blade carriage (do not use the blade carriage for lifting.) Put your fingers from each hand on the bar and place your thumbs on the trimmer surface. Now lift up on the bar with your fingers and use your thumbs as braces on the trimmer surface. This gets easier with each use.

How much paper can a trimmer cut at one time?


  • A personal paper trimmer can easily trim 1-2 sheets of paper at a time (e.g. 50-60 lb).

A rotary trimmer can easily trim 5 -7 sheets of paper at one time.

+ How do I change the blade on my razor blade trimmer?
  • Slide the blade carriage down the rail to the blade removal groove
  • As you near the groove, begin pulling the blade and it will slip out
  • Set the new carriage into the groove, slide it up the rail and you’re ready to cut
  • Note: Works with TripleTrack blades, style I
+ How do I change the blade on my rotary blade trimmer?
  • Push the carriage button over to open the carriage
  • Grasp the blade hub and pull it out with a gently tug
  • Set the hub of the new blade into the hub groove inside the carriage, push it into place and close the lid
  • Note: Works with 28mm rotary blades, style F