Safety and Health

+ How can I keep my children and pets safe?

To prevent children and pets from harm, always keep the safety-snap rain barrel cover on your barrel. Make sure the barrel is positioned so that it cannot be easily overturned. Never permit children to play in, on or near a rain barrel or climb above, onto or into rain barrel. Do not allow humans or pets to drink water from a rain barrel.

+ How do I keep mosquitoes and other pests out of my barrel?

To keep out pests, always keep the safety-snap cover on the rain barrel. Mosquitoes will gather wherever there is open standing water. Also make sure to keep your barrel free of organic material, which also may lead to unpleasant odors. If mosquitoes are a concern, try mosquito dunks or donuts which use a time release process to kill mosquito larvae, but do not cause harm to people, plants, animals or the environment when used correctly. Make sure to thoroughly read and follow the directions. Dunks or donuts are not a means to purify the water; rain barrel water should not be consumed.

+ How do I prevent algae and odors?

Make sure to keep your barrel free of organic material as the decomposition causes odors. Regularly dispensing your collected rain water will help prevent growth and odors in your barrel.