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PowerGear® Technology

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Many of our PowerGear® garden tools are recognized as Arthritis Friendly by the Arthritis Society

Gardening is hard work. For an aging population where over 4 million are affected by some form of arthritis, the need for ergonomic solutions is more important than ever.

When pruning, the weight of the tool and the position of the hand and fingers can cause tension and stress, resulting in muscle and joint strain. When ergonomics are given prime importance in design, the result is products that require less muscle power and reduce joint strain.

The goal of our design team was to increase power, reduce effort and minimize weight – in short, to make pruning easier. Their solution was a totally new gear mechanism that provides maximum leverage near the middle of the cut, when resistance is the greatest. That means a more compact tool can cut with a fraction of the effort required by larger single-pivot tools. In fact, our tests have proven up to 3X easier.

The use of reinforced fiberglass composite materials (FiberComp™) allowed us to make handles lighter to further reduce strain and fatigue while maintaining strength and durability.

Fiskars® Yard and Garden tools are recognized with over 46 international awards from the world’s most prestigious product design competitions. Our team of highly skilled and passionate designers and engineers are the key behind our award-winning tools and technologies.