Each barrel comes with a diverter that prevents it from overflowing. Learn More »

Rainwater Harvesting

When it comes to installing and maintaining your Rainwater Harvesting System, there are certain initial and ongoing steps that should be conducted.

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Water Conservation

Why we need to start thinking about smart ways to utilize our most precious resource.

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Our Rain Barrel System is an easy way to collect, store and dispense rainwater. By installing just a single rain barrel under a downspout, you can capture enough runoff from your roof to keep the thirsty plants around your house happy and healthy all year long. Exactly how much rain can you collect? If you have a 46.5 square meter roof section feeding a downspout, it will only take about two tenths of an inch of rain to fill a 197 liter barrel. A roof area of 93 square meters can provide approximately 2,271 liters of water during a one inch rainfall. Whether you purchase them or make your own, rain barrels are a low-cost and effective way to conserve water and save money. Learn more about rain barrels.

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The DiverterPro™ has a filter that allows the water to flow into the barrel, while debris passes by.

The Diverter is the Difference

Each of our Rain Barrel Systems includes a water diverter kit that automatically channels water from the gutter downspout to the barrel. When your rain barrel is full, the rainwater continues through the downspout where it will then drain away from your house, preventing it from seeping into your foundation. Our downspout diverters are designed to work with standard 5.08 cm x 7.62 cm or 7.62 cm x 10.2 cm gutter downspouts. If you do not have either of these sizes on your home downspouts, do not install using our instructions.

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